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Create Customized Solutions For Nut Roasting For Customers

Release Lime: 2022-09-21 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
Peanuts, almonds, walnuts, cashews, almonds... The nutritional value of dried fruits has been recognized by more and more people. However, unprocessed nuts generally have thick shells and bitter skins. Only after peeling, roasting and other processing processes can the crispy taste and mouth-watering aroma of nuts be revived.
How to use multi-functional equipment to process a variety of nuts to stimulate the crispy taste; to obtain chopped nuts and nut powder through chopping and grinding, and to promote the fusion of nuts and pastries, is the key problem encountered by customers in the nut processing industry.
In response to the pain point of the diversified demand for material processing in the nut processing industry, Malaysia LF company cooperated with the longer company to jointly solve this problem when upgrading a series of nut production line projects.
LF Company is a major importer of various nuts, dried fruits and other food products in Malaysia, and provides OEM services for a number of ready-to-eat nut distributors. With the daily consumption trend of nuts, LF's previous nut processing equipment capacity can no longer meet the strong market demand, and it is urgent to expand production and further increase the demand for equipment function diversification, temperature-controlled baking, and automated production.
Nut Roasting Seasoning Machine
Longer Company has provided LF Company with a variety of nut production line equipment such as continuous roasting machine, peanut peeling machine, peanut chopping machine, mixing machine, sesame powder grinding machine, etc. With advanced technology and hard-core product strength, it can meet the needs of customers. Automation, intelligence, and diverse needs. At the same time, in response to the problem of balanced quality of nut roasting, Longer Company has customized a constant temperature roasting solution for LF Company, and provides LF Company with a more reliable nut roasting quality guarantee with professional and innovative solutions.
Faced with the challenges of the nut processing industry, the expert team of Jergoug has refined the technologies of nut roasting, peeling, chopping, grinding, etc., with customized solutions to ensure the quality and reliable operation of nut products, and at the same time provide better than industry standards. Reliable equipment meets customer processing needs and improves the overall quality and efficiency of nut processing.
"Longer's cooperation case in the field of nut processing attracted me, but it was professional solutions that made me determined to cooperate. I can't wait to see the test results of this batch of equipment."
   ——Head of LF Company in Malaysia