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Design and Construction of Melon Shelling Machine

Release Lime: 2017-12-07 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
Mellon seeds are an important oilseed that meets the needs of many foods. The shelling of this crop is crucial until it is used in large quantities. To solve the melon-related challenges, a muskmelon harrow was designed and built.

melon seeds shelling machine with best price in nigeriaThe melon seeds shelling machine is made up of a hopper, frame, shelling and cleaning device, parachute and prime mover. Three different seeds (6.99, 11.90 and 18.32%) of seeds were subjected to shelling operations with different shelling rates of 2500 and 1500 minutes, respectively, and the performance was evaluated. The results showed that the shelling rate of 1500 rpm and the moisture content of 18.32% had the best shelling efficiency of 76.30% and the seed damage ratio of 22.60% as compared to the shelling speed of 2500 rpm and the seed moisture content of 6.99% 70.0% efficiency, seed damage ratio of 68.10%. The shelling speed of the machine and the water content of the seeds affected the speed of the fruits, the efficiency and the loss of the seeds. The equipment and production capacity of the machine were 7.95 and 9.56 kg / h, respectively. This design and selection conditions are the most popular because of its fast operation, less seed damage and less labor. Developed machines do not require skilled labor, and the melon sheller can effectively solve the problems associated with the traditional methods of rural Nigerian residents.

The design and construction of melon shelling Machine is in fact suitable for shelling and subsequent cleaning of melon seed shells. This will address the general challenges associated with the processing of seeds, which limit their further use.

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