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How do You Get Pumpkin Seeds Out of the Shell

Release Lime: 2017-12-08 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
How do you get pumpkin seeds out of the shell commercial use ? We all know how to shell he pumpkin seeds with hands,but for the commercial use,that is good idea. For the business need, our technicist have research  the commerical pumpkin seeds shelling machine . Our the the pumpkin seeds shelling machine with high quality and save labor.The seeds shelling machine is great helepr for seeds process business.

The pumpkin seeds shelling machine is designed to remove shell, separate and re-separate pumpkin seeds,water melon seeds and other seeds. The device has low power consumption, compact structure, small footprint, small grains, small grains, shell-free automatic feeding of grains, easy maintenance and so on. It is considered one of the most suitable pumpkin shells and separation devices in the world.

At the same time, the company also specializes in pumpkin seed classification, separation equipment, buckwheat washing shelling process machine, mung bean peeling machine, oat shelling machine, watermelon seed washing grading machine, silicon sand seed shelling machine, hempseed dehulling machinery Almonds, California almonds and hazelnut processing lines.

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