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Melon(Egusi) Seeds Peeling Machine Application in Nigeria

Release Lime: 2017-12-11 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
Today we will share blog about the melon Egusi seeds peeling machine application in Nigeria. In many parts of Africa, farmers have no access to meat or dairy products, and high-oil and protein-rich seeds can be a good dietary supplement.But do you know how seeds are processed and then used in everyday life?This article will detail the processing of melon seeds in Nigeria and the daily use of melon seeds.
The fruits are harvested and harvested, processed from the pods and harvested for sale or used. Seeds are processed through shelling and oil extraction.With social progress and rapid industrial growth, the method of producing seeds of guar is also shifting from traditional methods to modern and advanced methods, that is, automatic machine lines are used for the processing of seeds instead of the manual processing in Nigeria.melon egusi seeds peeling machine with best  price application in nigeria
Although these seeds are often stripped and eaten individually as snacks, many processed seeds have become common cooking methods.After soaking, fermenting or boiling, the seeds have different flavors and are often added to the broth and stew.For their part, the seeds can also be roasted and then ground into a sauce like peanut butter.In further preparation, egusi-seed food can be put into patties, used as a meat substitute, and its oil can be used for cooking.

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