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How to Remove Peanut Skin Easily

Release Lime: 2017-12-12 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
We are peanut peeling machine manufacturer in china. We have two kind of way and machine to solve the problem,dry type peanut peeling machine and wet type peeling machine.

 Peanut peeling machine, suitable for peanuts, beans, soybeans, almonds and other red skin.For the peeled peanut, it is widely used in the production of peanut milk, almond juice, peanut, almond / peanut protein powder, etc. Now we will focus on the wet peanut peeling machine.

how to peel peanut skin easily
How operate wet type peanut shelling machine?
1.Before running the machine, first check the parts, to ensure that the machine running speed is low, fast operation.
2.Check the electrical components to ensure that the machine can operate effectively.
3.Put hot water soaked material in the feeder and the boat will open the parachute.
4.Water containers will affect the rate of exploitation so the user can adjust the effect of peeling through the water container.
5.After peeling, carefully clean the peeling machine, cover the lid.
The next time you use it better, and you benefit from extending the service life of your machine.
peanut peeling machine with best price

This is our peanut peeling machine working video on the Youtube: