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Shelling Machine for Watermelon Seeds

Release Lime: 2017-12-14 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
The shelling machine for watermelon seeds.Sunflower seeds are the advanced automatic shelling machine equipment for pumpkin seeds and watermelon seeds.Pumpkin seeds and watermelon seeds are broken and separated. The watermelon seeds of the shell can be broken again, saving time and effort.

The watermelon seeds shelling machine adopts the standard material made by local purchasing, and saves the hard work such as the carpeting shell of the independent mechanical intermediate material handling, the separation of melon shell and the extraction of melon and oil.
The machine performance analysis shows that the melon seed moisture content 9.7%, pressing temperature 100 ℃, rated heat 1500 w, blow drying machine shell, conveyor, air blower speed is 950 RPM, respectively 24 RPM and 1200 RPM performance is best.
The extraction ability of the seeds, flour and oil was 94.4 kg/h, 10.42 kg/h and 4.67 kg/h, while 93 per cent.
89.3% and 91.5% of the seed hulls of the one-piece machine, respectively, were 89.3% and 91.5% respectively.
This innovation is recommended because it reduces the breakdown of seeds during the bombardment, improves hygiene (because it reduces contact with the product during processing) and saves energy.

This is watermelon seeds shelling machine workling video: