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The New Drying Technology of Dryer

Release Lime: 2016-12-14 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
Vacuum freeze drying technology originated in 1820s, after decades of ups and downs and wandering, in the last 20 years has made considerable progress. In twenty-first Century, vacuum freeze drying technology has been widely used in the fields of compound fertilizer production,feed pellet production, chemical, miner, metallurgy, agriculture industry and so on.


The drying machine is composed of a heating system and an electrical instrument control system. The main parts are drying box, condenser, refrigeration unit, vacuum pump, heating device, etc.

Food drying is a necessary measure to improve the storage and quality of food, and the performance of the dryer directly affects the quality and value of the dried food.

In recent years, China has developed a variety of multi-function, high efficiency, low energy consumption, strong adaptability of the dryer. Mainly aimed at grain drying, biological material drying, vegetable and fruit drying and so on.

Drying equipment, excellent performance, can make the water in the food in the slurry and vacuum conditions directly from the solid sublimation and dry, not through the evaporation of the liquid. The original color, smell, taste, shape, original nutrients and active substances of the original food can be preserved to the maximum extent.

Drum dryer drying equipment is a kind of rotating internal heating conduction type, wet material transfer to the outside of the heat conduction in the rolling way, to achieve the required moisture content, heat from the cylinder wall to the outer wall, then goes through the film, high thermal efficiency, continuous operation. Widely used in liquid, strip, paste and viscous material drying, such as meat products, dairy products, Cereals, yeast, starch and other nutrients.

In order to make the drying technology of our country catch up with the international advanced countries level, there are many things to do, the close combination of academic and industry is one of the most important factors.

In application development, it is necessary to pay attention to the international exchange and cooperation, but also pay attention to the protection of intellectual property; not only to the development and application of new technology, new areas, but also pay attention to the traditional process and the traditional application fields of reform and innovation.