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The Difference Between Dryer and Hot Air Circulation Oven

Release Lime: 2016-12-22 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
Here we have a detailed introduction of the difference between these two products, please read carefully.


Principle of dryer:
Drying equipment is a combination of a series of mechanical equipment, which is used to dry the surface of an object, or other liquid, by means of a certain technical means. At present, the popular drying technology is mainly UV drying, infrared drying, electromagnetic drying and hot air drying. They are widely used in all kinds of mechanical equipment and food drying.

Principle of hot air circulation oven:
Air circulation system of hot air circulation oven adopts fan circulating air supply mode, and the wind circulation is uniform and efficient. Air circulation by air power (using contactless switch) drives the wind wheel through the heater, and the hot air sent through air duct to the oven chamber, then use the air intake duct air circulation heating again become. Indoor temperature uniformity. When the temperature value of the opening closing action is caused to swing, the air supply circulation system restores the operating state quickly, until the temperature value is reached.

Characteristics of drying machine
1,reasonable design,reliable performance, the rate of thermal energy utilization is high,drying evenly.
2,stable operation, low noise, safe and reliable.
3,the drum made of stainless steel tube, beautiful and smooth, durable.
4,.the times of cleaning up materials is fewer.

Characteristics of hot air circulation oven:
1,hot air circulation in the oven, high thermal efficiency, energy conservation.
2,the use of forced ventilation, the oven is equipped with air duct, uniform material drying.
3,smooth operation of the oven. Automatic temperature control, convenient installation and maintenance.
4,a wide range of application, can be dry all kinds of materials, is the ideal universal drying equipment.