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Easy Way to Peel Muskmelon Seeds

Release Lime: 2018-04-18 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
Shelled melon seeds is popularity over people darily life. What is the easy way to peel melon seeds ? We as a melon seeds shelling machine manufacturer in China, provide high qiality melon seeds shelling machine with best price. The melon seeds shelling machine mainly deals with hemp seeds. After a change, it can also handle pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, oats seeds, melon seeds, black melon seeds and buckwheat seeds.
1, it adopts a unique double deck projectile machine setup, and realizes the separate control of the shelling machine by frequency conversion technology. The unique return air system makes the non separated grains automatically enter the next shelling cycle, thus greatly improving the efficiency of shelling.
2, complete the hemp seed set, and shelling, peeling, sorting and testing. It is the world's first choice for handling hemp seeds. The unit has high shelling rate, small core breaking, high automation, easy operation and maintenance, and low maintenance cost.
3, the multifunctional detergent can be divided into various impurities, including large impurities, less impurities, more impurities, with similar size and weight properties of impurities, such as stone, glass, withered seeds and hair.
4, the main parts of the sheller are all steel parts, and the impeller is made of 99% alumina ceramic, which improves the peeling effect and prolongs the service life.
5, the pneumatic device used for reflux material can make the unshelled sunflower shell automatically return to the sheller. The ideal separation effect can be achieved by adjusting the screen angle.
6., the vibration source of the equipment is designed by vibrating motor. It is easy to install and has no basic engineering requirement.
7. all electrical work of the equipment is centralized controlled by the electric control cabinet, and the interface operation is simple. The application of frequency technology in the peeling machine can adjust the frequency at any time according to the state of the material.
easy way to peel melon seeds