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Toothpcik Production Line For Sale

Release Lime: 2018-04-23 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
Toothpick production line including wood toothpick production line and bamboo toothpick processing machine.The toothpick machine is made up of 7 machines for producing wooden and bamboo toothpicks, from square wood to finished items.Toothpick machine is used to make bamboo toothpick or wood toothpick.The integrated tools include 8-11 machines.
Some are optional, depending on your actual situation.
You can make two unique toothpicks.
One-end-sharp two-end-sharp.
You can let one of them change only one machine.
With the size of toothpick adjustable, the machine can produce 700000-1000000 toothpicks every eight hours, and there are 4-5 labor every 8 hours.

Advantage of toothpick making machine:
This wooden toothpick production machine needs 4-6 staff to operate.
The size of the completed toothpick can be 2 of the diameter.
2 millimeters plus 65 millimeters in length, with a minimum capacity of 500000/8 hours.
This function can be customized, such as replacing 7 machines with a mill, and the output is usually 600000 /8 hours. The wood must be processed into 140/105/70/30cm long, 6 cm wide and 3.5 cm thick.

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