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Development Trend of Fish Feed Machinery

Release Lime: 2017-01-04 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
At present, there are exist “many, scattered, small” phenomena in some fish feed machinery and equipment enterprises, that is, the number of enterprises is large, the distribution is uneven, and the scale of enterprises is small. Small and medium-sized feed machinery enterprises occupy the vast majority of enterprises, financial strength is not strong, anti risk ability is poor, the development of enterprises face many problems.

fish feed machine

For the moment, feed machinery is mainly divided into: feed machinery group, feed machinery fittings, crushing equipment series, mixing equipment series, granulating equipment series, grading equipment, extrusion equipment, drying equipment, stable cooling equipment, transportation equipment, cleaning equipment etc.
As the industry competition intensifies, 2013, the small and medium-sized companies increased significantly, the market rapidly shrinking; fast layout and system to build part of the large company has taken the first step, as a feed machinery and equipment, the company's survival and development rely on what?

In recent years, the environment of feed machinery industry has changed greatly. Firstly, the slow growth in market demand, two is a substantial increase in the cost of raw materials. Especially in 2004, due to internal and external factors, such as avian flu and raw material prices, this phenomenon is more obvious. Environmental changes caused by the market situation, only a clear understanding of the situation, overcome difficulties, in order to promote the sustainable development of enterprises. Feed enterprises in order to survive and develop in the competition, we must first analyze and judge the development environment and development trend of the industry. Long term trends and market environment of feed machinery enterprises, only a clear understanding of the development of the industry, adjust the business philosophy, and rapidly enhance competitiveness, take the time to meet the challenge.