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Advantages of Longer Floating Fish Feed Processing Machine

Release Lime: 2016-12-07 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
The floating fish feed processing machine has gotten great reputation from our customers,it is widely used in the production of fish feed particles, such as catfish, crab, shrimp, shrimp, pet feed, such as cats, dogs, etc.The fish feed has a strong adaptability and has a wide range of raw materials like corn, wheat, rice, soybean flour, rice, sorghum, etc.

floating fish feed machine

Here are some advantages of the machine.

The ability to squeeze out fish feed particles
1,Convenient feeding and management: floating fish feed can float on the water for about 12 hours. In the feeding process, it is easy to observe the feeding situation, so that farmers can clearly understand the growth and physical condition of the fish.
2,Improve utilization and reduce water pollution: fish feed particles in the water with good stability. It can not be easily dissolved, which greatly reduces the oxygen consumption of organic matter in the water, and improve the nutrition.
3,The high utilization rate: floating fish feed extrusion after high temperature processing, fiber texture and CW (cell wall) damage and softening, make use of nutritional components increase, so as to improve the palatability and digestibility of fish feed particles.

Can make various sizes of fish feed pellets.
1,Size: aquatic products are generally smaller than the size of livestock and poultry, and the smaller the diameter of the mouth.
2,Digestive ability: the digestive tract of fish and shrimp is short and thin. Generally, fish body length is much smaller than the length of livestock and poultry, so their ability to digest and absorb is weak, and the fine crushing of fish feed pellets can help to improve the utilization of fish.
3,Feeding environment: fish in the water feeding, so feed particles should have a certain stability, maintain its shape and nutrition. Smaller fish feed particle size helps to improve stability.

Different aquatic products use the different size pellets,our company can provide the suitable size machine for you.