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Grain Grinder

Release Lime: 2016-07-29 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
grain grinder
Features of this Multi-purpose Grain Grinding Machine:
This machine is with high-speed operation of the activities and gear plate relative motion between the fixed tooth plate, so that the teeth were crushed by the impact, the combined effects of shear and friction and collision between the material to achieve the purpose of the crushed material.
The grain grinder machine is with simple structure, smooth operation, low noise, good crushing effect. Crushed material is discharged directly from the grinding chamber. Particle size, can choose different aperture sieve to achieve the dual effect of crushing and finely divided.
Working principle:
The relative motion of this grain grinder machine use activities and fixed gear tooth plate between the plate, so that was crushed by the tooth plate impact, friction materials and their impact, such as integrated and get crushed. The machine is simple structure, stable operation, good crushing effect, to be ground can be discharged directly from the grinding chamber, particle size can be changed to obtain a different pore size screen.
Pulverized material, no dust in the grinding process, no dust can choose single. Production process, the need dust, but the capacity is small, does not require a continuous wedge pipeline trenching work, you can choose a simple dust, you require continuous cutting and choose cyclone cutting dust.
Large machines, require continuous flow-through work, select the table plate grinder, high capacity, environmentally clean, crushing effect more perfect.
grinding machine structure

Installation, operation and maintenance of Grain Grinder Machine:
1,This grinding machine must be checked before starting the door is shut tight, to tighten the bolts and hand wheel tightly closed door.
2, Connected to the water cooling system, to ensure adequate water, running is strictly prohibited without water.
3, The installation, the power to electrically check the motor rotation direction is marked by an arrow. Such as contrast, adjust the motor terminal box wiring.
4, When the motor rotation direction is correct, the boot empty run for 30 minutes, check the lubrication, timely lubricating grease. Periodic inspection and replenish grease.
5, Before the feed air operation for several minutes, then slowly feeding evenly, do not fill the hopper, and pay attention to whether the current overload and prevent damage to the equipment.
6, Running huge if vibration and noise and other adverse circumstances, should be promptly shut down checks.
7, Keep parts lubricated, clean, find fault, defect timely repair or replacement.