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How Does Pumpkin Seed Hulling Machine High Efficiently Work

Release Lime: 2018-08-29 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
The pumpkin seed hulling machine is mainly used for processing pumpkin seed,sunflower seed,hemp seed and other kinds of seeds with high efficiency.So do you know how does pumpkin seed hulling machine high efficiently work?Today I would like to introduce you the pumpkin seed hulling machine,after reading the article,you can know a lot about the high efficiency pumpkin seed hulling machine.
Firstly I would like to share you the structure of the pumpkin seed hulling machine.
The pumpkin seed hulling machine mainly consists of two parts: a cleaning and sorting unit and a shelling and sorting unit.
The cleaning and grading unit can clean the pumpkin seeds or watermelon seeds, can effectively remove various impurities, and then divide the melon seeds into 7 levels according to the size for shelling and sorting.
The shelling and sorting unit can respectively unshell, remove, sort and re-select the seeds of each level, and the unhulled seeds can be automatically returned to the sheller for shelling again. The melon seeds are first graded and then shelled, and the effect of shelling and sorting is very good and the efficiency is high.
how does pumpkin seed hulling machine work
And then I want to tell you the working principle of pumpkin seed hulling machine.
Pumpkin seed hulling machine uses negative pressure method to suck out the shell instead of blowout, reducing the amount of dust. The machine increases the distance and area of the separation and screening, making the seed core separation work more thorough, thus reducing the impact of the crushing caused by more grain returning to the sheller for re-removal. And the screening section can be changed according to the individual size of the pumpkin seeds.
Finally I want to share you the advantages of the pumpkin seed hulling machine.
1.The pumpkin seed hulling machine adopts the wet shelling process to further improve the shelling rate and reduce the breaking rate by improving the previous shelling machine.
2.The machine adopts the recycling and shelling process, that is to say, the unhulled seeds will be automatically recycled and recycled, so the waste of materials can be greatly reduced.
3.The machine uses the most advanced negative pressure method to pull out the shell instead of blowing it out, which can reduce the dust generated during work and reduce environmental pollution.
4.The pumpkin seed hulling machine is characterized by low energy consumption, compact structure, small footprint, small seed loss, simple operation and convenient maintenance.
After reading the structure features,working principle and advantages of the pumpkin seed hulling machine,I believe that you can know how does pumpkin seed hulling machine work.So if you have interested in the pumpkin seed shelling machine,you can contact me for the actual price.