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How to Make Seasame Butter Industrial

Release Lime: 2022-04-06 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
Sesame paste is rich in taste, rich in nutrition, and is in great demand for production. What are the steps of the sesame paste processing process and what are the processing equipment? The following small series will give you a detailed introduction.

1. Processing technology of sesame paste

The sesane butter process flow of the sesame paste production line: raw materials → screening → rinsing → baking → smoke and dust → grinding → pretreatment → sterilization and filling.
making sesame butter

2. Sesame sauce processing equipment

1. Sesame washing machine
By washing, remove the dust and dry particles in the sesame to ensure the quality of the finished product.
2. Special roasting machine for sesame
The special roasting machine for sesame is composed of four parts: inner cylinder, outer cylinder, heating box and transmission device. The working principle is that the heating box at the bottom of the outer cylinder provides heat through gas, electricity and other raw materials to heat the inner cylinder. The inner cylinder is driven by the motor to rotate at a constant speed through the belt transmission, and the sesame is evenly heated and indefinitely flipped in the inner cylinder to achieve the effect of heating the sesame.
3. Sesame peeling machine
The peeling of the sesame seeds after roasting can improve the taste of the sesame paste.
4. Sauce grinder
The sesame seeds treated by raising smoke and dust are cooled and ground into sesame paste using a sauce mill.
5. Filling machine
The packaging bottles are sterilized before entering the packaging room, and the net content is strictly controlled during filling.

Large-scale processing of sesame paste can take an advantage in today's consumer market. Of course, this is inseparable from the sesame paste processing production line equipment. Our company has been focusing on the research and development of food machinery for more than 10 years, adhering to the concept of making food processing simpler and safer, and guided by customer needs, we strive to promote sesame paste processing to improve efficiency, save labor, reliable product quality, simple operation, and energy saving.
If you are interested in the sesame paste processing project, our company sincerely welcomes you to contact us at any time. I hope your business will be successful, always accompanied by our company.