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How To Operate The Automatic Bag-Sewing Machine?

Release Lime: 2017-01-22 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
Automatic bag-sewing machine adopt electronic constant temperature control and stepless speed drive system, with automatic continuous sealing, the sealing length of unrestricted, once completed the function. For single-layer film and a variety of composite film sealing, bag, widely used in food, pharmaceutical, seed, chemical, light industry and other departments.

Operating procedures:
1. Press the "ON" button, the power indicator, "COOLER" indicator, and the indicator lamp will blink.
2, press the "start" button, lights off, "START" indicator light, the power to achieve the intended set.
3, open the conveyor belt power, conveyor belt operation, adjust the speed knob to the appropriate location.
4, into the sealed container to start normal operation.
5. If the over-current occurs during operation, the "FAULT" indicator on the control panel will light and the warning light will flash. At this time, press the "RESET" button, START "button.
6, the end of the work, press the "STOP" (stop) button, the machine back to 1 state.
7, press the "OFF" button, the machine shut down, exit the standby mode.

automatic bag-sewing machine