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How To Shell Melon Seeds ?

Release Lime: 2018-01-23 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider

Melon seeds shelling machine  is the latest generation product of our company. It is based on the improvement of the sunflower seed shelling and separating equipment in the past. Based on the exclusive design of Shuangfeng sheller, the technology of frequency conversion is used to achieve shelling. The design of the reflux pneumatic device makes the sunflower shell unshuled automatically back to the desilting machine to make the desilting work more efficient.
The whole equipment can be cleaned up in advance, shelling, removing sunflower seed shell and separating and re separating the product. It is the best equipment for the sunflower seed processing industry. It has the characteristics of high shelling rate, long life, high automation, convenient maintenance and so on.
Multifunctional cleaner can clear all kinds of impurities, including more impurities, less impurities, light impurities and gravel, which has similar size and weight characteristics, such as stone, glass, seeds and hair. The countercurrent material of the pneumatic device makes the unshelled sunflower shell flow back to the peeling device automatically.
The ideal separation effect can be achieved by adjusting the screen angle. The shulling machine adopts the main parts of the whole steel, and the impeller is 99% alumina porcelain to improve the desalting effect, and the service life is longer.
It is easier to collect sunflower shells by using a chip remover, and it also greatly reduces the accumulation of dust in the process. The perforated sieve plate makes the seed core separation easier and is stamped from the high quality cold rolled plate and is durable.
All the electrical work of the equipment are controlled by the electric control cabinet, simple interface. The application of frequency technology in the peeling machine can adjust the frequency at any time according to the state of the material. The vibration source of the equipment is designed by the vibration motor, which is convenient and quick to install, without the need of basic engineering.
It consists of a delivery hopper spiral elevator, multifunctional cleaning machine, bucket elevator, double discharger, separator, (3), kernel collector, feed back pneumatic device, an electric control cabinet.