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Longer Food Machinery Custom Peanut Butter Solutions

Release Lime: 2023-01-07 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
In March 2022, one month after LONGER’s custom-made peanut butter solution for Cameroonian customers was officially put into production, the customer happily fed back the user experience to the account manager, saying that the overall operation of the peanut butter production line was stable, and many details met expectations. Continued cooperation on the project will also be maintained.
Cameroonian clients are engaged in the local financial and investment industries. Perceiving the rapid development of the local food industry with the strong support of the government, it decided to enter the food processing industry. Cameroon has a tropical climate, and its cocoa beans and peanuts are of high quality and abundant. It has always been the main market for cocoa and peanut butter processing. After conducting sufficient market research, a team composed of the person in charge of the client, the project manager, and professional consultants clarified the investment direction of cocoa beans and peanut processing and started the project preparation of chocolate and peanut butter.
After many comparisons, the customer contacted LONGER in line with the selection principle of professional focus and high reputation. In order to cooperate with the customer's project preparation team, LONGER has established a customer service team including account managers, solution engineers, and department managers. Among them, the account manager is responsible for the confirmation of customer needs and the provision of production solutions; the solution engineer reviews and adjusts the production solutions from a technical perspective; the department manager is responsible for the review of business terms. Each performs their duties and jointly build a service team.
Satisfying the individual needs of customers is the consistent proposition of LONGER. Considering that the customer is a novice in the food processing industry and has no clear requirements on the output of the production line, LONGER matched the customer with two sets of peanut butter solutions with different outputs based on the actual situation of the customer. After many video conferences and discussions, the client chose one of the solutions. However, for the core equipment such as the roasting machine and sauce grinder in the peanut butter production line, it is recommended that customers choose a model with a larger output for later expansion of output.
This time, LONGER provided the customer with a complete set of peanut butter production and packaging solutions. However, in the later discussion, it was learned that the peanut butter produced by the customer was used as an auxiliary material for chocolate products. As an additional service, LONGER took the initiative to provide relevant exclusive solutions and design drawings based on the factory drawings and chocolate project-specific plans provided by customers.
Peanut Butter Production Line
LONGER treats every customer sincerely, and tailors professional and reasonable solutions to meet the individual needs of customers. For customers who are new to the industry, LONGER not only customizes complete solutions, but also provides full-process services including process formulas, experimental data, and installation training.