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How cocoa butter is made?

Release Lime: 2022-12-15 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
What is Cocoa Butter?
According to Stankiewicz, cocoa butter is a natural vegetable fat derived from cocoa or cocoa beans. Despite the name, it includes neither butter nor dairy. The beans in the cocoa pod are fermented, dried, and roasted after they are harvested. After that, crush the baked beans. Cocoa butter is removed from the cocoa mass during the milling process (often turning into cocoa powder). This extracted cocoa butter is called cocoa butter because cocoa beans come from the cocoa plant.
Cocoa Butter
How to make cocoa butter?
Cocoa butter can be extracted in a number of ways. Edible varieties undergo a fermentation process that produces cocoa butter suitable for making high-quality chocolate. Other methods are similar to the extraction procedure of edible cocoa butter, but the most famous is cold-pressing cocoa butter, which produces raw cocoa butter.
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What is the shelf life of cocoa butter?
Pure cocoa butter can be stored for 1.5-2 years without going bad. This butter is very stable and will be set at room temperature.
Of course, you can store it in a cooler place like the pantry or refrigerator, which will keep it for a long time.
It contains natural fatty acids for long-term use. After the extraction, you can store the butter in a cool, dry place.