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Dry Moringa Powder Making Machine

Release Lime: 2018-03-24 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
The moringa power making machine is usd to grind powder from moringa. The grinding machine also  widely used in dry food, spices, medicinal materials, pharmaceuticals, chemical industry and other industries, such as rice, corn, wheat, melon seeds, beans, pepper, pepper, salt, sugar, dried ginger, dried leaves and so on.
Features of the moringa powder grinding machine:
1.All stainless steel, in line with food safety and GMP standards;
2. Powder fineness can be adjusted from 10 grids to 120 grids;
3. We have different types to adapt to different materials.

Why is it good for your body?
According to researchers, Moringa is the most nutrient-rich plant on Earth.
India’s ancient Ayurvedic tradition believes that in India, the leaves of Mulin can prevent 300 diseases.
It is proven to be beneficial in combating aging, weight control, digestion, eye care, bone health, cell integrity, boosting the immune system and body metabolism, helping to excrete toxins from the body, and providing many other health benefits.

How to use green leaf powder
Add a new leaf powder to any food or drink that will increase vitamin, mineral, and protein levels.
There are countless ways to add your leaf powder to your diet.
It can be used as tea, added to drinks, or sprinkled on food or capsules.
When exposed to hot conditions, some of Moinca's nutrients will be lost, so to avoid nutrient loss, you can add it to foods and beverages before eating.

moringa powder making machine