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Peacan Sheller Machine For Sale

Release Lime: 2018-03-20 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
The pecans shelling machine can automatically feed, and can install three different grades of pecans at the same time. By adjusting the gap between the processing rollers at all levels, without grading nuts, it can be processed at once.
The design of pecans crusher machine is reasonable and the breakage rate is low. It is the most ideal nut processing equipment at present.
Characteristics of 2. machine apricot crusher
1). The pecans sheller machine can process a variety of hard shell nuts, such as almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, camellia, fruit and other hard shell nuts.
2), the whole grain rate is high and the crushing rate is low. The high artillery rate was 98%, and the low injury rate was 5%.
3). The design of the machine is reasonable, the operation is convenient, and the efficiency is high.
4) except for some parts, the rest is stainless steel.
5). It is composed of hopper, hoist and three stage processing roll, as well as sieves and vibrating screens at all levels.
6). Because of the reasonable design, we can remove almond, hazelnut, and jujube with three different sizes of hard shells at the same time, with low crushing rate and the best nuts. It can also be designed for small single - stage design artillery.
7). The machine is mainly used to remove nuts of all kinds of nut.

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