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How do Peanut Shelling Machines Work

Release Lime: 2018-03-16 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
Peanut shelling machine is very popular with consumers in our life, but do you know how our peanut shelling machine working principle? As a supplier of peanut shelling machine, the passage will show you the peanut shelling machine working principle.
Peanut shelling machine consists of frame, fan, rotor, single-phase motor, screen (with two sizes), hopper, vibrating screen, V-belt wheel and transmission triangle belt.
After the equipment is in normal operation, the peanuts are put into the hopper quantitatively, evenly and continuously. Peanut shells are crushed under the repeated impact, friction and collision of the peanuts. Peanut grains and broken peanut shells are rotated through the rotor under the wind pressure and blow, through a certain aperture of the screen (the first time the peanut threshing with a large hole screen, after the election of small skin fruit replaced by a small hole screen mesh Secondary shelling. At this time, the peanut shells and pellets were subjected to the blowing force of a rotating fan. The light weight peanut shells were blown out of the machine and the peanuts were screened through a vibrating sieve to achieve cleaning.
The peanut shelling machine has the advantages of simple structure, reliable use, convenient adjustment, low power consumption, certain generality, and ability to take off a variety of crops so as to increase utilization ratio of the implements.
There are our peanut shelling machine working principle. If you want to know more information about our peanut shelling machine, please feel free to contact us. And also, we also have the peanut butter production line, peanut roaster machine, peanut peeling machine etc, you also can ask information of this machines.
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 how do peanut shelling machine work