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Automatic Screw Oil Press Machine Manufacturer

Release Lime: 2018-02-08 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
Multifunctional screw oil press machine is an automatic oil press. It adds heating chamber electrical components and a vacuum filter to clear the oil. Spiral oil press than other ordinary oil press more labor-saving and more effort.

Multi-functional screw press parts:multiufntcional screw oil press machine with high quality
Spiral oil press.Heating room.
electrical components
vacuum filter to clean the crude oil
squeeze the bolt.
heating ring

Multi-function screw press machine advantages:
All working processes are controlled by the controlling panel
If one drum is full it would change to use the other and automatically put the oil out of the drum.
Before pressing, some parts of the press such as the press chamber, press screw and press ring will be pre-heated.
During pressing, the press can filter the oil in due time. One operator is enough to get quality oil.
Oil yield is higher than common oil press.
Easy to operate and maintain.

Multi-function screw oil press:
 Multifunctional screw oil press machine is widely used in various oilseeds:soybean,cottonseed,rapeseed,peanut,sunflower,teaseed,tung seed, coconut, palm kernel oil, olive and other granular materials; also used in rice bran , Corn germ oil, and other powdered materials; and safflower small wild vegetable oil materials.
Wide range of applications: small and medium-sized vegetable oil suitable size vegetable oil, there are individual plants. Is the ideal machine for oil producers.
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