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Hot Sale High Efficient Organic Fertilizer Production Equipm

Release Lime: 2016-12-05 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
Granulating disc products with fresh chicken, pig, cattle manure, organic matter, city garbage and sewage sludge as raw materials, does not contain any chemical ingredients, chicken and pig digestive ability is poor, can consume 25% of nutrients, and other nutrients in the feed 75% excreted, so that the dry product nitrogen phosphorus and potassium, organic matter, amino acid, protein and other ingredients. Organic fertilizer granulation machine not only for the enterprise to create economic benefits, but also for the human environmental protection project has made great contributions.

Organic Fertilizer Production Equipment

Product working principle:
The belt pulley and the belt are driven by the main motor. The pinion and the big gear fixed at the bottom of the disc are the open type, they interact with each other, opposite direction to work. Large gears are installed through the professional design of the cone hole fixed to the rack adjustment plate on the granulation tray, the granulation of the continuous rotation disk, coupled with the spray device, the material evenly bonded together, resulting in the upper spherical pelletizing tray design of the automatic feeding system to prevent the material sticky wall, thus greatly improving the life of the machine, with the continuous rotation of the motor, materials continue to enter, in order to achieve mass production to the user needs.

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