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Factors Affecting Yield and Solutions of Pellet Machine

Release Lime: 2016-12-16 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
      Ring die pellet machine with its efficient, convenient, fast and other advantages by the majority of users, pellet machine as the main production tool pellet feed, its production has been the concern of our users. In the actual operation, there are many reasons affecting pellet machine, the method is not the same. Here are some common factors and solutions.

ring die pellet machine

     The grinding machine is an important factor affecting the yield, grinding machine is the heart of the pellet machine, its quality is very important to the impact of pellet production. Must use quality standards of abrasives, material, hardness and compression requirements. Before use, the bran, sand, oil mixed with a certain proportion of uniform and reasonable, the abrasive patience, meticulous, good grinding, grinding for thirty minutes to an hour, without stopping the machine can directly feed production.

     The pressure rollers and the template distance is not too large or too small. Too large, low yield, poor particle density; too small, severe mechanical wear, shorten the service life of abrasives. In use, raw materials add a little grease, but also can effectively increase production, reduce abrasive wear. After the end of production, with a small amount of bran mixing edible oil squeeze one or two minutes, let the oil filled with abrasive hole, to facilitate the next direct feed production, do not care the abrasive, reduce energy consumption, but also can increase the yield of pellets.Therefore, the selection of pellet machine must first carefully check the situation of abrasives, if damaged, please replace in time.