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Widely Used Fish Food Pellet Extruder Machine

Release Lime: 2016-12-16 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
Fish food pellet extruder market analysis:
With the rapid development of economy, various pet, fish, shrimp and other feed pellets increased rapidly, and gradually toward commercialization and scale. GGLGOOG fish food pellet extruder machine is a kind of professional feed pellet machine to meet the needs of the market. The equipment in corn and soybean crops as raw material, directly into the machine, which can be expanded into feed pellets of different shapes, unique taste, rich nutrition, by farmers love. Very easy to operate, high production efficiency.

fish food extruder

The fish food pellet extruder machine is a kind of wet feed pellet machine, which adopts a steam regulating structure. It made feed pellets more nutritious, easy to digest. By changing the mould, the fish food feed with different shapes can be produced, which is an ideal fish feed equipment.

Characteristics of fish food extruder machine
1, the main parts using special alloy material through heat treatment, high wear resistance, long service life.
2, equipped with variable frequency speed cutting device, simple operation, stable operation.
3, automatic temperature control system, make temperature control more intuitive, more accurate parameters.
4, the use of forced lubrication system to ensure pet food extruder longer life.
5, need to use steam boiler connection heating gas, make grain easy to cook.

Advantages of fish food pellet extruder machine
1, novel design, compact structure, high production efficiency
2, reliable, durable, low failure, easy operation and maintenance
3, easy to use, smooth transmission, low noise
4, extensive use of life services
5, can reduce nutrient loss, improve protein quantitation

Application of fish food feed extruder
1, the fish grain extruder can be corn, soybeans and other grains made of fish, shrimp, cats and other feed pellets.
2, suitable for fish food processing plants, professional farmers, small and medium-sized feed factory, etc.