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A Steady Stream of Sawdust from Furniture Factories

Release Lime: 2016-12-22 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
Furniture factory often has a few old lumber, how to use these old lumber again? These waste wood can bring what value?  Furniture factory waste wood is generally cut off the scrap production of furniture, wood products processing technology of friends should know that the large-scale furniture manufacturing enterprises will produce a lot of waste wood, these waste materials burned unfortunately, Longer Machinery professional use of these waste wood, using wood mill, sawdust machine or sawdust pellet machine waste processing.

sawdust pellet machine

Use of sawdust machine for waste wood:
Sawdust machine or timber mill processing waste wood can be processed into wood chips, sawdust, granular materials, processed wood can be used in the manufacture of sheet metal, so wood reached two utilization effect, improve the comprehensive utilization rate. The plate belongs to wood products, after high temperature and adhesive is pressed, it can be crushed into waste sawdust or granular materials, once again in the factory system, used as sawdust board, particleboard, MDF, fiber board materials, mechanism charcoal can also be made of high-tech equipment after smoke-free.

Waste wood is processed into wood chips:
Sawdust and wood processing equipment in the machine is just one of these devices, but the sawdust is the best equipment processing and utilization of waste wood, waste wood. The machine can be wood, twigs, branches, straw and some leftover materials, fiber material once processed into sawdust, sawdust or granular, only a mechanical equipment, and is equipped with a motor, can you produce the needed materials. Sawdust machine crushing material use out widely, can once again made of MDF, particleboard, fiberboard, charcoal raw material, sanitary mosquito repellent incense processing, letinous edodes mushroom planting and so on, greatly improving the MDF waste, waste material use value!