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The New Type Poultry Feed Mixer Equipment

Release Lime: 2016-12-20 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
In agriculture, especially chickens and pigs and other common poultry breeding specialist, there are professional use of processing machinery and feed equipment, including feed mill, straw crusher and poultry feed mixer. Poultry feed mixer is a combination of grinding and mixing machine, the machine can crush the material in a wide variety of poultry, general straw, peanut vine, bean stalks, weeds, straw, grass and other material crushing, and then mixed with some other materials (cereals etc).

poultry feed mixer

Poultry feed mixer is a multifunction machine by our company build in forestry, the development of feed mixing machine, our company has many years of production experience, to feed mixer series is divided into two kinds: 1, self suction feed mixer; 2, forced feed mixer; integration the feed grinding machine mixing different styles of different design structure, but the overall appearance is not much difference between, mainly differ in the feeding section.

Self suction feed mixer
Self suction mixing machine and the feed mill wind will suck material to the grinding chamber, after processing crusher, the crushed material is fed into the mixer, stir after completion of discharging.

Forced feed grinder
The machine is called a forced mixer, because the machine uses a spiral conveyor will be forced to the material into the crushing room, crushing will be mixed material series.

Operating principle of poultry feed mixer
Longer Machinery poultry feed mixer welding is made of high quality material, inlet on the top of the grinder, can match with various forms of feeding structure, the hammer is arranged symmetrically; feed mixer work, material into the crushing chamber, the high speed rotating hammer blow and sieve plate under the action of friction, material is crushed gradually, and the centrifugal force and flow, through the bottom discharge outlet.