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Pellet Feed Machine Maintenance Method

Release Lime: 2016-12-22 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
Pellet feed machine made by Longer Machinery to absorb the essence of domestic and foreign feed machinery, adopt differential mechanism, strong anti overload ability, the core part is made of special wear-resistant materials, with high frequency and high temperature quenching process, than the general life of pellet mill is long 5 - 7 times. Particles hard and smooth, low particle moisture storage. As an old saying goes, no matter how good the quality of machine maintenance is also no use not long, so how to maintain the confidential feed?

pellet feed machine1,new machines need to be washed after each use, even after punching 15 - 20 times, no longer flushing.
2,use matching power according to instructions. Too small, low output, poor effect; too large, waste electricity, accelerate machine wear, shorten service life.
3,after processing each 1000kg pellet feed, the mold plate needs the negative use, avoids reduces the service life.
4,regular cleaning equipment on the surface of dust and dirt, and add the lubricating oil to ensure that the particle machine work in good lubrication under.
5,frequently remove residual material in ring mold cavity.
6,regularly check the ring mold, pressure roller, cutter, blade, transmission belt and other easy wear parts, and timely adjustment or replacement, to ensure that the normal and effective particle machine work.
7,pressure wheel and transmission part of the maintenance and maintenance. Every 2 to 5 working days, must be cleaned once the bearings, according to the instructions for filling high-temperature grease. Spindle cleaning oil every other month, gear box half a year to be cleaned maintenance, transmission part of the screw fastening replacement should be carried out at any time. Wheel wear, wheel belt can be replaced or the replacement of complete sets of roller bearing; loose, should be replaced or replaced with shaft bearing. Ring die particle machine ring die aging, wear, replaced with new pieces can be.
8,check the indoor granulating bolts, bolts and watch the scraper is not loose. Check any parts of the machine without oil leakage.
9,before use should check each roller and ring gap, and reasonable adjustment, ensure roller and ring mold gap.