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What Kind of Drying Machine for Drying Sawdust?

Release Lime: 2016-12-19 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
Sawdust processing market application in forestry is the most widely used wood materials, except for fuel, pigsty mat sawdust, can make the pig becomes clean, sawdust can also be used for fermentation, cultivation materials can be used as edible mushroom cultivation, cultivation of seedlings, making chicken feed, handmade charcoal, also have widely used in building materials. The use of sawdust here will not say.

sawdust drying machine

Sawdust is a very light material, the material drying temperature, especially to control, so the dryer good control of temperature should be good. Industrial dryer is the most common drum dryer, drum dryer drying material is particularly wide, all kinds of minerals and other materials can be used to dry. Another kind of dryer is drying machine airflow, the drying machine is not drying drum dryer machine material widely, but the material drying machine and drying speed, material yield, similar products to improve the yield of more than 80% drum dryer, and material with less cost.

Choose what kind of sawdust drying machine
Drum type drying machine and air drying machine, if dry sawdust, choose airlay dryer is the best choice, the machine of sawdust drying effect is good, the machine was originally designed for sawdust material characteristics, so it is also called wood drying machine. Test material is the use of sawdust machine demonstration in the US, the effect is very good. The processing cost of the machine is low, and the investment of the equipment is less than that of the traditional industrial drying machine.