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Toothpick Making Process

Release Lime: 2018-02-27 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
Automatic toothpick making machine process introduction:
1. The toothpick making  machine also can male bamboo incense sticks, wood toothpick,bamboo toothpick ect.

2. The complete toothpick making machine line consists of 8 or 10 machines, some of which are optional according to your actual needs.
3. You can make two different types of toothpicks: single sharp or double sharp .Toothpick size can be adjusted, the machine can produce 600000-3000000 toothpicks every 8 hours, can only do 4-5 times every 8 hours.

Process of Bamboo Machine: Raw Bamboo - Cut the Material Cut the Bamboo Cut Film Set the Width Line - Bleach - Dry - Cut Length - Polished - Tidy - Pick Up Remaining Markers - Ground Residual Sign - Package - Storage (Factory).

More than 10 species, two canned toothpick production, 8 hours production 600,000, about 80 kg.You need mechanics 5 to 7, men and women are not limited.380V industrial electricity use of electricity, the normal hourly electricity consumption of about 12 degrees.

toothpick making process