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What Machine is Needed to Grind Water Melon Seed?

Release Lime: 2016-08-08 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
watermelon seed grinding machine
What Machine is Needed to Grind Water Melon Seed?
The first step is that you should get a machine for removing the watermelon seed shell.
Working process of Watermelon seed shelling machine:
Raw material----feeding to the tank---- decontaminate( clearing the rock, soil block and other impurities our)----Sorting( classify the pumpkin seed to 6-7grades)----mixing----shell pumpkin seeds according to grade---- drying the final product----finished product storage---- packing---selling.
watermelon seed shelling machine
The next step is Seed Grinding after hulling the watermelon seeds.
This colloid mill is wonderful for grinding seeds and nuts that contains high-oil content. This machine is multi-purpose and with different capacities.
seed grinding machine
The benifits of Watermelon Seeds:
Watermelon seeds are packed full of healthy fats. 
These fats can decrease your appetite, help you feel full, and strengthen your hair, skin, and nails.Eating a small amount of watermelon seeds can give you the chance to enjoy many different nutrients and health benefits.
One ounce of watermelon seeds has 25% of the iron that a grown man needs every day.
Watermelon seeds are rich in zinc and magnesium, two essential minerals that the vast majority of Americans do not get enough of. Zinc and magnesium can help boost your metabolism, give you more energy, and prevent depression. 
Watermelon seeds, in addition to having zinc, magnesium and iron, are an excellent source of copper. Copper protects your hair and skin while giving your body natural protection against UV rays.