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What Machines Are Used For Charcoal-Fired Cashew Processing?

Release Lime: 2022-02-15 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
As one of the famous four dried fruits, cashew nuts are sweet, crisp and nutritious. Cashews love hot weather. The only places in the world where cashew nuts are grown on a large scale are Brazil and India.

Cashew nuts, crescent moon, strong nutty aroma. After eating one, you can immediately feel the crunchy beauty, and the aftertaste is sweet but not greasy, as if being embraced by the warm sunshine. Cashew nuts not only have high economic value, but are also very nutritious. Cashews contain 21% protein, 40% oil content, 22.3% carbohydrates, and are rich in vitamins. At present, cashews on the market are basically divided into four types: charcoal-fired cashews, original cashews, salt-baked cashews, and salt-and-pepper cashews, and most of them are charcoal-fired cashews. Customers who intend to start the charcoal-fired cashew processing business must want to know what the charcoal-fired cashew processing process is and what machines are used.
Charcoal-Fired Cashew Nut Production Line factory

Processing Process Of Charcoal-Fired Cashew Nuts:

1. Drying: remove most of the water from the shelled cashews until the shell is cracked and the kernel and shell are initially split;

2. Shelling: Cashew nut shells are poisonous, and cashew nuts belong to the Anacardiaceae family. It has its own "self-defense" weapon, the cashew nut shell. Processing in the factory requires large quantities of cashews, and if they are manually hulled, it will be a time-consuming and labor-intensive job. Our factory provides a set of cashew hulling equipment for large batch hulling of cashew nuts. It is the equipment of choice for many cashew processing plants.

3. Steaming: steam the cashew nuts until delicious;

4. Drying: drying the cashew nuts;

5. Coating: Pour the roasted cashew nuts into the starch while it is still hot, and stir well. Then continue to dry;

6. Packaging: The charcoal-fired cashew nuts will be packed into aluminum foil composite bags. The finished product is sealed with a vacuum packaging machine or packed with nitrogen.

Main Equipment Of Charcoal-Fired Cashew Nut Production Line:

1. Cashew nut shelling machine: It has the characteristics of stable operation, low material breakage rate and high shelling efficiency. After classification, the cashew nuts are hulled, and the hulling rate and the whole kernel rate of the cashew nuts can reach 95%. The equipment divides the material into each guide groove through the material distribution device on the hopper, and the motor drives the attachment plate on the chain to push it to the direction of the cutter body to realize cutting.

2. Drying and cooling integrated machine: While satisfying the baking requirements, the equipment is set up with a special cooling area, which can reduce the baking walnuts to a safe temperature of about 60 °C. According to ergonomic design, it has industrial design features such as beautiful design, firm and stable structure, convenient cleaning and maintenance. On the nut roasting level, the CFD dynamic simulation design and the innovatively designed 3D circulating air duct are used, and the heat acts on the material in a multi-directional and three-dimensional manner, ensuring the uniformity of the roasting maturity and the color of the material. At the same time, the equipment is equipped with segmented precise temperature control and variable frequency speed regulation conveying device, which can meet the baking needs of different materials, different temperatures and different times. It is truly a multi-purpose machine and is an ideal nut baking equipment;

3. Coating machine: In order to make the cashew kernels evenly coat starch on the surface as soon as possible, the slurry is sprayed in stages during operation, and the starch mixture is turned clockwise through the pot body, and the starch mixture is rubbed and ground to make it in the pot. All the cashew nuts are evenly distributed, and hot air is applied to the pot at the same time, which can quickly remove the surface moisture, and finally obtain qualified charcoal-fired cashew nuts.

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