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The basic introduction of particle packaging machine in the

  In term of the packing machine, there are three main series generally, namely, particle packaging machine, fluid packaging machine and power packaging machine. Different materials should be packed by different packaging machines, as particle materials should be packed with a particle packaging machine.
  Particle packing machine can be divided into large and small packaging machine, and small packaging machine is suitable for filling those good flowing granular materials such as packaging plastic particles, feed particles, particles, chemical fertilizer, sugars, seeds, cereals and other materials. Particle packing machine is suitable for pharmaceutical, food, chemical, pesticide, starch grain and other industries.
particle packaging machine
  With wide application and durable performance, the particle packaging machine in the LONGER Company sells well in the food packaging market. There is the detailed technical parameter about the particle packaging machine.
Model LG-2 LG-A LG-B
Voltage 220v 220v 220/50hz
Power 0.05kw 0.05kw 0.1kw
Packing speed 10-25bag/min 7-20bag/min 10-30bag/min
Weight 20kg 44kg 57.5kg
Dimension 450×350×700 410×510×1420 500×580×1300
Bucket size H:30CM L:30CM H:40CM L:40CM H:40CM L:40CM
Packing weight 2-99.9g 20-500g 100-1000g
Accuracy 0-0.2g 0-0.2g 0-2g
It can pack particle materials precisely, and it is characterized with convenient use and easy maintenance. As for the maintenance of this machine, there are several suggestions about it.
1.    There is a oil device attached to the box of this particle packaging machine, and lubricating oil should be added according to the situations of the bearing.
2.    When adding lubricating oil, make sure that there is no oil in the surface of machine in order to guarantee the quality of products.
3.    The spare parts in the machine should be cleaned after used.
  This particle packaging machine is widely used in many industries, if more detailed information about the packaging machine is needed, please contact the stuff in the GELGOOG Company, and best services will be provided with consumers at any time.


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