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Pet Feed Pellet Roaster Machine LG-5

Nowadays there are more and more kinds of pets they have more requirements of their food such as nutrition health and taste. Our company research and develop many kind production for every pet requirement . We can adjust the proportion

Model: 1 set Capacity: Function: Brand: LFM Support Customization: Yes
Process Flow of Pet Feed Pellet Roaster Machine:
Crushing systerm ---Mixer -- Sprial conveyor-----Screw Extruder -- air conveyor---- Oven -- Conveyor----Auto Flavoring Line (oil sprayer) -- cooling machine
Products:This processing line can producepet food in different shapes, Such as: Round Ball Shape, bone Shape, Small Animals shape,etc.
Main Raw Material: Rice powder, Corn powder or bone powder, fish powder, chicken oil ,etc.
Far-infrared heating system and duplicate cy-cling stable quality.
At present, The source for our oven is using electricity. We can change our machine and using Kerosene fuel or Natural Gas instead of Electricity. 
Pet feed pellet roaster machine is used in the feed pellet production line,after the feed pelleting machine.
Technical Data
Voltage: 380v/50hz
Total power: 24.75 kw
The actual energy consumption: 18 kw
Production capacity: 100-150kg/h
Equipment size: 5.1*1.2*1.8 m

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