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Make a craft with chopsticks

There is a video on YouTube by eco-architect Michelle Kaufmann about how to make a birdhouse by reusing chopsticks from all those Friday night orders of vegetable lo mein. I'm actually quite impressed with the design; contrary to what you might expect, it doesn't look a thing like a kindergarten craft project. We summarized the steps for you below, but some of you may find the video helpful as well.
chopsticksHere are the steps:
Put some glue in a small container or dish.
Take three chopsticks. Lay them down in a triangle, having the outer corners all connect.
Dip another chopstick in the glue, and use it to dab the glue on the corners of the triangle to adhere the sticks to one another.
Keep layering chopsticks on top, and on the two sides you're actually going to taper in just the thickness of the wood. That way, the end will be the size of the opening for the birds.
Continue layering and tapering in, but on the bottom side of the triangle, don't taper. Just stack the chopsticks on top of one another, because that will end up being the floor for the birdhouse.
Continue until the tapered opening is about one inch and a half by one inch and a half.
What you've made so far will be one half of the birdhouse. Repeat the above to make the other half.
Match up the two units. Connect them by weaving string or wire up at the top, which you can also use to hang your birdhouse from a tree.
If you like, you can also put a pinecone inside the birdhouse laced with peanut butter and birdseeds, so it can be used as a bird feeder.
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