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China's grain market reform steadily

In January 7th, the national grain circulation work conference held in beijing. The national development and Reform Commission Director Xu Shaoshi at the meeting affirmed the remarkable achievements made in 2016, grain circulation work and emphasize, and to push the grain supply side structural reform, we must adhere to the direction of the grain market reform unswervingly. Xu Shaoshi first affirmed the 2016 grain circulation work achieved remarkable results, including: food supply side structural reforms to accelerate, the top-level design of the reform has been further strengthened, Progress in the reform of corn storage system is relatively smooth, effective implementation of wheat and rice minimum purchase price policy, Food stocks to achieve phased results, overall safety and stability of inventory stocks; The governor system of food security has been well implemented; Grain circulation efficiency has been improved, grain logistics facilities have been strengthened.
In the future, a solid and reliable food supply side structural reform is not only the focus, but also difficult." Xu Shaoshi said. He stressed the need to grasp the three aspects.
First, we must adhere to the direction of market-oriented reform of food. We should give full play to the decisive role of the market in resource allocation, adopt more market-oriented means, in-depth study of the reform of the grain circulation and grain price formation mechanism, purchasing and storage system, better guide farmers to adjust and optimize planting structure, improving supply quality, expand the effective supply, to form a food security system more efficient and sustainable.
Secondly, to ensure that food production capacity is not reduced. Food security is a top priority, when can not relax.
Third, to ensure that farmers do not reverse the momentum of income. To grasp the intensity and pace of reform, not only to promote the food market price formation mechanism, and gradually realize the market pricing, reflect the relationship between supply and demand, but also to prevent sharp fluctuations in food prices, especially to avoid excessive price decline, and further improve the subsidy mechanism, ensure the grain farmers income, do not suffer.

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