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How Much You Know About Granulation Machine?

Granulation machine is mainly by external pressure, so that the material forced through the reverse rotation of the two roller gap, compressed into tablets. In the rolling process, the actual density of the material can increase 1.5-3 times, so as to achieve a certain strength requirements, the machine affordable, high yield.

A variety of dry powder material from the top of the equipment to join the silo, the degassing, screw extrusion into the two equal rollers, the roll relative rotation, the material is forced into between the two rollers, roll the material into the nip for compression, After the compression zone, the surface tension and gravity of the material into the rotary sieve to sieve. The qualified product is conveyed to the finished product bin through the conveyor. Powder sieve under the material through the conveyor was again sent back to the raw material warehouse for the second roll, squeeze the size of the granulation operation according to the needs of hydraulic cylinder pressure to adjust. Can improve quality and yield.
 By changing the roll surface slot form, can be sheet, strip, flat spherical material to meet the needs of our customers.

1, the material by mechanical compression forced compression molding, you can not add any additives, product purity is guaranteed.
2, direct granulation of dry powder, no follow-up drying process, more conducive to the convergence of the existing production processes and transformation.
3, high-strength particles, the proportion of the accumulation of other granulation methods than the more significant. Particularly suitable for increasing the product stacking weight of the occasion.
4, controllable environmental pollution, reduce waste and packaging costs, improve product transport capacity.
5, compact structure, easy maintenance, simple operation, short process, low energy consumption, high efficiency, low failure rate, suitable for a wide range of raw materials, rolling pressure can be adjusted according to different materials free.
6, feeding and feeding devices using variable frequency stepless adjustment control, a high degree of automation, can achieve a multi-machine control, low labor intensity and long-term continuous operation and so on.
7, the main transmission parts are made of high quality steel material, stainless steel, greatly improving the wear resistance, brain corrosion, high temperature, pressure capacity, the machine has a longer service life.

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