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High Efficiency Wood Shaving Machine for sell

Wood shavings machine is mainly used for mass production of thin slices of uniform thickness of wood shavings, is an automatic wood shavings machine. Which comprises a frame, a platform arranged on the rack, a knife rest fixed on the platform, the wood is fed into the machine through the feed inlet, the blades are sliced inside the machine, the wood shavings are made out, the size of the wood shavings is even, There is no difference in the handmade wood shavings.

Uses: can do particleboard (plywood), paper mills to do the raw material of wood pulp, transport companies to do fragile transport filler for small pig, cattle, sheep and various animals to do the nest within the filling material, you can For bioenergy.

The machine can be logs, branches (branches), edge processing into shavings, shavings and furniture produced by the production of wood shavings, automatic feeding equipment, greatly improving the production speed, but also saves time and manpower.

 This machine is automatic crushing and processing wood into wood shavings equipment, raw materials from the feed inlet into the first by the blade, cutting into the crushing chamber, by the high-speed rotation of the impact of hammer and shear knife under the crush, and then built-in wind Wind generated by the leaves sent by the screen out of the mouth or an external fan pumping out of the mouth. The size of the shavings is determined by the length of the adjustment blade and the size of the aperture of the screen to suit various needs.

wood shavings machine


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