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The Principle Of The Hammer Mill

Hammer mill principle:

In the crushing chamber, the rotor rotates at a high speed, and the feed is pulverized into fine particles by hammering of the hammer and the friction of the tooth plate. The feed material leaks out of the sieve hole, and then is sucked to the storage bag or the collecting chamber by the centrifugal fan.

(1) a wide range of crushing, including wood chips, shavings, branches, wood chips and a variety of crop stalks, corn stalks, cotton stalks, rice husk, peanut shells, sweet potato seedlings, straw, wheat straw.
(2) the advantages of products, low power production, the production of particles do not heat, do not change color, simple structure, easy to operate, one person can operate a wide range of processing, raw materials from length restrictions, adjustable particle size.
(3) a wide range of applications, applied to crop straw crushing processing, feed mill, charcoal plant, straw coal mill, breeding plants, the best processing equipment. Used in straw pellet fuel, pellet feed, straw briquette fuel, straw new environmental protection building materials, straw door, biomass power generation and many other fields.
(4) It has advanced technology, our plant is a straw straw mill energy efficient straw mill, the main highlight of high yield, low energy consumption, low cost.

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