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Fish Feed Pellet Machine

Fish Food Pellet Extruder Machine troduction: 1.Composed offeeding systemext rudin gsystemc uttin gsystemc ontrol lingsy stem. 2.Adop tAuto-tempe ratureContr ollingSy stemwhic hmakin gitmo repreci seandvie wabletoco ntrolthe temperature. 3.Combined ma

Model: 1 Sets Capacity: Function: Brand: LFM Support Customization: Yes
Fish Feed Pellet Machine introduction:
1. Composed of feeding system extruding system cutting system controlling system.

2. Adopt Auto-temperature Controlling System which making it more precise and view able to control the temperature.

3. Combined main shaft can apply to a variety of materials.

4. Special designed screw barrel make the machine more durable and reducing cost.

5. Cutting system equipped advanced frequency converter and sophisticated speed-adjusting system. The granules size is adjustable.

6. Works well in long time and continuous using running steadily and reliably easy to operate.

Size of Finished Products:
Technical Data
Model Motor(kw) Capacity(kg/h) Pellet diameter Weight(kg) Size(cm)
LG-40 2.2-3.7 20-37 1.2-6 mm 140 100*90*100
LG-52 5.5-7.5 50-60 1.2-6 mm 180 100*100*110
LG-65 7.5-11 80-100 1.2-10 mm 250 110*105*110
LG-75 11-15 140-160 1.2-10 mm 300 120*110*125
LG-95 15-22 280-300 1.2-10 mm 700 140*120*120
LG-120 37 450-500 1.2-12 mm 1200 150*130*120

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