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Compost Turner Machine | organic fertilizer equipment

Spiralfermentationmachineusespiraltopromotematerial,namely,itsendsthematerialinthebottomtothe upperpartsthroughthespiral,whichcanlowerthetemperature,alsohavethecoolingandfullymixingfunction.Machinemovesalongtheraillongitudinally,spiralmoves

Model: 1 set Capacity: Function: Brand: LFM Support Customization: Yes
Spiral fermentation machine use spiral to promote material, namely,it sends the material inthe bottom to the 
upper parts through the spiral,which can lower the temperature,also havethe cooling and fully mixing function.

Machine moves along the rail longitudinally, spiral moves along the rail horizontally,then spiral can work at 
every corner of the fermentation tank.This equipment can produce in a large width and depth.

Technical Data

Model Power(kw) Capacity (m³/h) Size(mm)
 LG-9000 18.5+2.2+1.1 260 4000*9500*2000
 LG-10000 18.5+2.2+1.5 320 4000*11000*2000
 LG-15000 18.5+3+2.2 480 5000*155000*2200

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