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Automatic Almond Butter Processing Plant

The process flow of almond butter production line : raw material - removing stone to miscellaneous - roasting - cooling - and peeling - Selection - rough mill - blending - fine grinding - cooling - degassing - filling. The main equipment of

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The process flow of almond  butter production line: raw material - removing stone to miscellaneous - roasting - cooling - and peeling - Selection - rough mill - blending - fine grinding - cooling - degassing - filling.
Automatic Almond Butter Processing Plant
The main equipment of the almond butter processing machinery : the baking, the cooling belt, the desalting machine, the picking belt, the rough mill, the ultra fine grinding, the condensing machine, the degasser and the filling machine.
Roasting: baking almonds.
Cooling zone: the principle of using the fan out of the hot air and cooling the baked almonds.
Peeling machine: dry and baked for almond peeling, automatic separation of picometers peeling process, ensure the quality of the peeled almonds.
Pick: pick out unqualified almonds and some food residue.
Rough grinding machne: the first grinding of almonds.
Superfine grinder machine: further grinding the apricot after coarse grinding, and further improving the processing fineness.
Condensing machine: cooling the ground almond paste after grinding.
Degassing tank: degassing almond paste before filling.
Filling: filling and packing.

The almond butter processing plant  we research and manufacture has undergone a number of improvements and optimizations based on the market demand, the core equipment rough grinding machine and the refiner in the complete set of equipment, and the processing fineness has been further improved. The complete set of equipment production line has a high degree of mechanization, reliability, and fully sealed production. Has a simple operation, smooth operation, low noise, easy maintenance, corrosion resistance, wide use, variety, etc.. In the domestic and foreign markets are popular.
Technical Data
Name Model Power
Almond Selling Machine LGXt-300 2.2 400 1900*780*1200
Peeling Machine LGTP-200 7.5 200  
Roasting Machine LGMHK-1 1.1 80-120 3000*1200*1700
LGMHK-2 2.2 180-250 3000*2200*1700
LGMHK-3 3.3 280-350 3000*3300*1700
LGMHK-4 4.4 280-450 3000*4400*1700
Grinding Machine LGJMS-110 7.5 250-300 700*430*1000
LGJMS-130 11 400-600 990*440*1100
LGJMS-180 18.5 800-1000 830*490*1100
LGJMS-240 45 1500-2000 1320*500*1280
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