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Chicken Manure Compost Turner|Organic Fertilizer Machine

Fermentationturneristhemainfermentationequipmentoforganicfertilizerandfeed.Thismachineisverypopular,whichisturnedinto thesubstitutionoflaborandForklift. Ithasthefollowingfeatures: 1.Mixingmaterialsmoreevenlyandfully. 2.Makingtherawmaterialan

Model: 1 set Capacity: Function: Brand: LFM Support Customization: Yes
Fermentation turner is the main fermentation equipment of organic fertilizer and feed.Organic fertilizer machine is very popular,which is turned into the substitution of labor and Forklift.
organic fertilizer machinery Fermentation turner has the following features:
1 Mixing materials more evenly and fully.
2 Making the raw material and fresh air touching fully,and it can assist microorganism to produce the fermentation heat.
3 Making the thick and dense raw materials turns into soft and elastic, which can form proper room.
4 Volatilizing the water in the raw material by fermentation heat,and also the water in the material structure can be evaporated because of biochemical reactions.
Technical Data
Model  Power (kw) Capacity (m³/h)
LG-2000 9.9 190
LG-2500 11.9 260
LG-3000 15.4 380
LG-3500   350
LG-4000 26.4 400

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