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Water Type Grinder of Feed Pellet Material

.Atthebottomofthecrushingchamber,thesecondhitthedesign,canimprovetheoutputbymorethan20%,granularityofmoreuniform; .Type,crushingchamberforthewaterdroplets,inthetruesenseofthebubble-shapedgrinder,eliminatethecirculation,increaseproduction; .

Model: 1 set Capacity: Function: Brand: LFM Support Customization: Yes
This machine can crush/grinder grains or other materials you want to make chicken feed,fish feed or other animal feed pellet and poultry feed pellet. Its name is for its shape like water, so called Water Type Grinder.
. At the bottom of the crushing chamber, the second hit the design, can improve the output by more than 20%, granularity of more uniform;
.Type, crushing chamber for the water droplets, in the true sense of the bubble-shaped grinder, eliminate the circulation, increase production;
.Hammer, by adjusting the mesh clearance and realize coarse crushing or fine crushing, do one dual purpose;
.Crusher rotor, the dynamic balance check, equipment operation vibration, lower noise, more smooth;
.Vacuum sintering and surface hardening hammer pin, sieve plate made of high quality carbon structural steel, prolonged use-life, reduce consumption of spare parts.
.Direct drive, the new type snake spring coupling, compensation, effectively avoid bearing heating;
.Uses the high quality bearings, long life, smooth operation;
.Who can match the impeller feeder frequency conversion feeding, screw conveyor speed feed in the form.
Technical Data
Model LG-SFSP138*40 LG-SFSP138*50
Power(kw) 110/132/160 132/160/200
Rotor Diameter(mm) 138 138
Spindle speed(r/min) 1490 1490
Mesh size(mm) 3.0 3.0
Output(t/h) 14-28 22-35

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