Pulverized Cleaner Machine Animal Feed Production Line sale

MOQ:1 set Set/Sets
Brand:Longer Machinery
Warranty Time:12 Months
Supply AbilitySupply Ability:100 sets/month
PortPort:Guangzhou/Qingdao port

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Product Details

Features of :

This series of products are mainly used for rice,noodles,flour mill,cooperate feed mills and other powder material pretreatment,is effective in cleaning the waste of powder material,such as straw,twine,big clods,stone,etc.
This series of products,has good cleaning effect,stable operation,low power consumption,compact structure,small space,convenient installation,maintenance,etc.
The complete mini pellets production include 7 systems
1.cleaning section:
Before going into the main equipments, the raw materials should be cleaned to remove impurities and iron parts in order to ensure the product quality and normal working of the main equipments.
2.crushing section:
Some kinds of raw materials should be grinded to small pieces. We use hammer mill to grind raw materials into small particle. 
3.mixing section:
use mixer to mix the grinding raw materials to even particles. The mixer have two types: single shaft ribbon mixer and double shaft paddle mixer.
4.pelleting and cooling section:
use pellet mill to make pellet. It is equipped with feeder, conditioner and pellet mill. The feeder can control the feeding amount. Conditioner can make moisture and temperature of the feed more high, to make pelleting easily.
5.crumbling section:
Crumbling section is optional. When required pellet is small, can use crumbler to grind, such as chick feed.
6.sieving section:
We use rotary screener to sieve the pellet. It has three layers sieves.
7. Packing section:
Independent packaging system, high precision.

Technical Data of :

Model LGZ60*50*100 LGZ90*80*110
Output 20-30t/h 35-55t/h
Power 4kw 5.5kw

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