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The Latest Feed Pellet Cooling Way

Release Lime: 2016-11-17 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
This counter current wood pellet cooler is widely used for cooling finished pellets of high temperature or high humidity. Adopted the principle of counter current cooling, and the pellets can be completely cooled and uniform through the machine, which is good for the packaging and storage of pellets. The machine has the advantages of energy saving, convenient operation, and the first choice for the majority of the users of the feed and the wood chips.

wood pellet cooler

Counter current Pellet Cooler Features
The counter current cooling principle is adopted to cool the pellets with high temperature and moisture. Hot air contact with hot particles and cool air in contact with cool particles to avoid direct contact with the cold air and hot pellets produced between the sudden cooling of the particles produced by the surface cracks.

The lock air valve is adopted to ensure the large air intake area, and the cooling effect is obvious.Special rotary product distributing mechanism results in even product distribution and more complete cooling.

In addition, with the latest design of eight square cooling box, it can cool the particles without residual.

Because the valve reciprocating discharge mechanism, has the characteristics of stable and reliable movement. Low power consumption, easy operation.

The temperature of pellets can reduce from 80~90℃to about 3~5℃ above ambient temperature, and the pellet moisture content is reduced from 17%~18% to 12%~13% ,which is good for the pellet packing and storage.

Main Parts and Functions of Pellets Cooling Machine
The discharging system is going among the whole surface of our cooler. It is sealed against granules and opens for fresh air.
On the cooler head there is a connection to the aspiration tubes included manual flap to regulate the velocity of air.
Due to the pelting process the pellets get filled in the top by passing the airlock and collected in the cooler center part until the second level indicator is reached.
Adjusted the cooling time by changing the distance of level indicator.