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Why We Choose Fish Feed Pellet With Floating ?

Release Lime: 2018-08-08 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
Usually the fish feed pellet has two options: floating and normal . Usually floating fish feed is more popularity over the people. What is the reason for that? Why choose floating fish feed? This article will explain this phenomenon today.
Due to the inherent characteristics of the fish feed pellet extruder machine, by adjusting the process parameters of the fish feed pellet extruder can make the extruded feed products have a certain degree of puffing effect.Puffed fish feed pellet products compared to ordinary feed particles have the following three benefits: Puffing the feed product taste more crisp, easy to eat livestock poured 2. extruded products after the aging effect can reach 100%, equivalent to the animals fed cooked food, easy to absorb nutrition 3. After puffing changed the original material The proportion of which means that the use of the set of feed equipment to produce fish feed into the water can be selected to achieve floating, suspended, bottom of the state, so as to adapt to different layers of fish feeding.

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