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Longer Backs JAK to Sign Big Deal In Tanzania

Release Lime: 2022-03-07 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
Congratulations to Longer for successfully teaming up with JAK to provide a customer in Tanzania with a complete solution for cashew processing.5 months of multiple communications, laid a good foundation for the smooth implementation of the solution.
cashew nut processing factory
JAK is an experienced food processing solutions consulting company, whose main business is to provide project services for food processors in Tanzania. In July 2021, the person in charge of JAK contacted the Longer company to convey the demands of the end customer, who needed to obtain a complete solution, detailed information and technical installation of cashew processing services.
Although not directly communicating with end customers, there is only more work to be done. Through JAK, Longer has carefully understood the details of the customer, especially after learning that the customer is newly involved in the food processing industry, on the basis of providing complete cashew nut solutions through telephone and video conferences, etc., he actively helps the customer with plant planning and the whole process. Cost accounting.
In fact, JAK has consulted many companies before. They are either unwilling to provide additional services outside the business, or they need to charge additional fees for plant planning and full-process costing. The households of Longer Nut Company are very satisfied with the cashew nut scheme and professional and meticulous service, and said that this cooperation is very worry-free.
At present, the equipment in the complete solution for cashew processing is in orderly production. It is believed that in the near future, the cashew nut processing production line carefully developed and manufactured by Longer, together with the cashew nut processing factory built with the help of all efforts, will continuously create wealth and value in the land of lilac blossoms in East Africa.