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How Much Area Need For Building Peanut Butter Factory?

Release Lime: 2022-03-01 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
Peanut butter is a popular condiment at present. It contains a large amount of protein, calcium ions, iron ions and other minerals, as well as vitamins B, vitamin E and other nutrients. Eating some peanut butter in moderation can effectively nourish neuropathy, play an antioxidant role, delay the aging of the skin and the body, and play a certain role in lowering blood pressure and blood lipids. The calcium ions in it can also promote the production of hemoglobin and improve the symptoms of anemia.
The peanut butter market is vast, and customers who want to invest in peanut butter production must first pay attention to what equipment the peanut butter production line contains and how large a factory building is needed.
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Equipment required for peanut butter production line

The equipment required for making peanut butter includes color sorter, baking equipment (drum baking equipment, continuous baking equipment, baking and cooling equipment), wet peeling machine, sauce grinding equipment, mixing tank, ketchup packaging equipment, etc.

Plant area required for peanut butter production line

(1) According to the output

If you have just entered the peanut butter processing industry, you can choose small and medium-sized equipment and key equipment according to the estimated and reasonable output according to the procurement of raw materials and business development; if the production scale is large, large-scale equipment is required.

(2) According to the degree of automation

Depending on the cost budget, choose a semi-automated or automated peanut butter processing line. The key peanut processing equipment can be selected in a targeted manner, saving most of the labor; the automatic peanut butter production line does not need to be equipped with too much labor, and some workshops can be set up as fully automated aseptic production workshops, and the corresponding equipment requirements are complete.
To sum up, if you have just entered the peanut butter processing industry, you can start from a small hand workshop, with a factory area of ​​tens of square meters; if it is a small and medium-sized processing factory, the factory area needs to reach several hundred square meters; The bacteria workshop needs to have an area of ​​several thousand square meters or even larger.

Our company has a mature peanut butter production line solution. The production line has a high degree of automation and can work continuously. It can be flexibly matched according to the customer's production capacity requirements. It can realize both single-machine operation and combined production line processing.
Over the years, our company has insisted on truly providing all-round technical support before sales, continuing to follow up product maintenance after sales, providing customers with more secure and convenient services, and continuing to develop on the road of integration of R&D, production, sales and service. grow.
If you have a demand for peanut butter production line, please contact us in time. We will create exclusive solutions according to your actual production to help improve the efficiency of food processing.